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It's ADHD Friendly

Vision to Action ADHD Notion Template

Vision to Action ADHD Notion Template

An ADHD-friendly Notion Template designed to help you understand yourself, your goals and build the structure you need to follow through on them.

  • This system will help you
  • Define what's important to you.
  • Create goals based on your strengths, needs and values.
  • Develop a repeatable system for follow-through

Do You Set Goals And Just Assume You'll Figure Out How To Make It Happen?

But then it never seems to happen?

ADHD'ers tend to rely on "magical thinking" instead of planning and follow through because our executive functioning skills are often out run by our impulsivity. 

If you seem to be setting the same unachieved goals every year, then I might have a solution that will help you follow through...

Vision to Action, a planning system that explores your natural strengths and preferences and helps you create goals that matter to you (the key to success for ADHDers).  

From there, the template will guide you through a system of monthly goal setting and weekly planning - ensuring that you reach your goals, without magical thinking.

  • A Dynamic Values Assessment - to help you get clear on what's most important to you.  
  • A Character Strengths Visual Template - to help you analyze your top strengths in context with other information 
  • A Personal Needs Assessment - to help you understand what you need to be whole and happy  
  • A goal setting template and task management program to help you reach your dream vision
  • A Robust Weekly Planner System to keep you focused and on track
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