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The Organized Business - Notion Template for New Business Owners

The Organized Business - Notion Template for New Business Owners

Is Your Business Scattered Across Different Platforms, Planners & Sticky Notes?

Perhaps it's so disorganized that some days you just want to burn it all down and start from scratch?

I know exactly how that feels because I've been there. And yes, I've burned it all down and started over (several times). Unfortunately, that cycle didn't end until I realized that I was missing systems and processes for getting things done in my business.

So I created The Organized Business out of necessity, and today it helps me stay organized and on track with my revenue, products, projects and tasks. The key difference with this system is that everything is just a click away, so it makes "getting stuff done" SO much easier and less overwhelming.

In this Notion template you will get...

  1. A Content Creation Database - to help you generate a consistent workflow for social media. 
  2. A Business Dashboard - to help you track critical progress around finances, revenue and product development.
  3. A detailed Project + Task Tracker - to help you stay on track with new initiatives in your business and bring in help as you grow.
  4. A Business Objectives Tracker to help see your goal progress at a glance.
  5. Structured Templates to help you think through how you will onboard new team members, how to create operating procedures and what to consider when creating a new product or service.

    Who is this The Organized Business for?

    Small business owners who are either just getting started, or perhaps a year or so into their business journey, but they struggle with keeping things organized and in one place.

    The template offers a system for tracking products and offerings, revenue, branding assets and detailed customer insights. It's ideal for service-based businesses or any business that relies on content creation for marketing and promotion.

    The template is designed with the solopreneur in mind, who is thinking about starting a team, has a small team that they want to collaborate with or getting outsourced help.

    This product is a digital download and therefore not refundable. It's recommended that you have some familiarity with Notion before purchasing the template.

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