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Distraction to Action | A productivity program for the highly distracted (ADHD + The ADHDish)

Distraction to Action | A productivity program for the highly distracted (ADHD + The ADHDish)

Ready to ditch that constant feeling of overwhelm?

If you're tired of running around in circles and never feeling like you're accomplishing anything, I want you to know there's a way out (that doesn't require burning your life down to the ground and starting over).  

Distraction to Action is an ADHD-Friendly system for getting clear on your goals, and creating the time and structure needed to follow through on them. This is a customized approach to planning and organization that that takes your specific needs into consideration.

By the end of this program, you will have...

  • A clear vision of what you want to accomplish. 
  • A set of goals that matter to you and inspire you to commit to action. 
  • Clear boundaries and realistic expectations so you can follow through with confidence. 
  • The support, structure and accountability you need to stay on track. 
  • A repeatable blueprint that you can use to create anything you want in your life.
  • The confidence that you can follow through on what you start.

This Program Will Teach You...

  • Develop Self - Awareness - Get a deeper understanding of how you sabotage your time and energy and end up cycling through burnout.
  • Get Clear on Your Goals - Using a simple strategy for prioritizing goals so that you choose the right path for you.
  • Time + Energy Management Skills - Learn now to identify what drains you and what lights you up, so you can manage your schedule in a way that supports your unique needs.
  • Planning + Prioritization Strategies - So that you know exactly what to do, when.  
  • Build Accountability + Structure - To keep you on track and focused on following through on what you set out to achieve.

If You're Tired Of Feeling Stuck... then maybe it's time for a new approach? 

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